Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

JFK for President 2024

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

For President 2024



Cheryl Hines and John F Kennedy



I hired Justin as Chief Of Security because of his unwavering dedication and in the face of a potential threat, I can rely on his swift response, tactical and verbal response to diffuse any situation professionally.

    Ross Ward
    Ross Ward

    Team Kennedy SC State Director


    Close Protection

    • Small Arms Marksmanship instructor (SAMI/CSWI)

      Wether on the range or in simulated combat scenarios, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence and mastery.

    • Non-Lethal Combat Instructor

      Trained thousands of sailors and marines in the art of non-lethal combat techniques. Focus on safety, precision and tactical proficiency.

    • Elite UHNWI Private Security

      Round-the-clock security, employing advanced tactics and cutting edge tech to mitigate risk.

    • US Navy Veteran

      Active Duty Combat tested & proven Gunner’s Mate ⁃ VBSS Maritime Interdictions & Anti-Human tracking Operations ⁃ Led to first capture & conviction of pirates in over 150 years. ⁃ 009 Junior Sailor of the Year - USS Ashland ⁃ Qualified Anti-Terrorism Officer, Force Protection Officer, Conning Officer, and JOOD Underway (usually held by E7+) ⁃ Biometrics Technology Proficient ⁃ 25 MM Operator & Tech ⁃ VLS Op & Tech

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